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Q & A

How quick do the essays arrive?
All of our essays and papers are delivered the same day with your order.

May I have a sample of the essay I want to order?
Yes, just ask and we'll provide with the sample.

What if I can't find an appropriate paper on this site?  
Send us your topic and we'll try to write the essay for you.

How much do the papers cost?
Prices are related to the essays number of words and assigned resources.

What if I need a customized paper?
Customized works - i.e. written upon your request - are charged $50 per 350 words. You may order your paper right now by sending us your request to

Who writes these papers?
All papers are written by professionals from Sigmund Freud Essays and Papers.

What options are there for methods of delivery?
Usually our essays and papers are delivered through email. You may ask also for fax delivery.

Are these papers on Sigmund Freud available in any languages other than English? 
Yes! Though all of our papers were originally written in English, you can have them translated into rough Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, or German by using the translation device from:

What are the payment methods?
Basically you may pay through 2Checkout/Paypal.

What are the company's refund & copyright policies?
AROPA maintains a no refund policy on all orders. Since our essays and papers are not tangible goods, they simply cannot be returned. However, to ensure your satisfaction we allow customers request free short excerpts from any of our works before ordering.

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