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Welcome to our list of essays and papers on Sigmund Freud
and psychoanalysis!

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List of available papers

The Meaning of Cars/Machinery in Dreams [US$ 15]
The psychoanalytic interpretation of cars in dreams reveals a psycho-social symbolism. This paper treats of this subject matter.
PDF - 4 pages 22Kb.   
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A Dream of Revenge and its Multiple Connotations [US$ 15]
Most of our dreams are revenge dreams. This paper analyzes such a dream to discover much more connotations.
PDF -  6 pages 43Kb.   
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The Dynamic of a Religious Dream [US$ 15]
What religious dreams revealed upon a psychoanalytic approach? This one leads to repressed aggressive feelings.
PDF - 6 pages 39Kb.   
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A Symptomatic Dream of Carl Jung [US$ 25]
This paper analyzes the Freud-Jung relationship starting from one of the most known Jung's dream to reach the unconscious hostile feelings of the later.   
PDF- 7 pages 17Kb.   
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Dreaming of Falling Teeth [$15]
The multiple symbolism of the falling teeth in dreams is fully approached in this paper.
PDF - 5 pages 90Kb.   
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A Dream with Sexual Content [$15]
This paper tries to elucidate a very important question in the psychoanalytic approach of dreams: is the sexual content of a dream linked with some certain sexual matter?
PDF - 5 pages, 23Kb.   
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Snake Symbolism in Dreams and Fantasies [$25]
A complete approach of this issue from the points of views of Freud and Jung. The paper provides finally an example of dream interpretation following both (Freudian and Jungian) methods.     PDF - 8 pages 35Kb.   
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Freud and Mythology [$25]
This paper is a collection of abstracts from the Freud-Jung correspondence treating of the psychoanalytic approach of mythology.
PDF - 10 pages 25Kb.   
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Freud Vs Adler [$15]
Treats of Freud's criticism of Alfred Adler's approach of psychoanalysis.
PDF - 7 pages 18Kb.   
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Symbols and Symbolism at Freud and Jung [$25]
This paper provides a comparison between Freud and Jung methods of approaching symbols.
PDF - 6 pages 38Kb.   
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