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Freud and Dreams

10-lesson email course for beginners

This is an email course treating of the basics of dream interpretation theory and practice at Sigmund Freud and psychoanalysis. The last two lessons consist in two dreams interpreted throught Freud's method to show further how we practical proceed with this method.

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  • Here are the lessons:

1. How did Freud Discover the Dream Interpretation Method
A short introduction to the Freud approach of his own dreams
and the famous dream of Irma injection.

2. Children Dreams
Their specific and the way they may be approached.

3. Structure of Dreams
Dreams are produced by our mind in a sleeping state. This lesson depicts the psychic mechanism that leads to dream formation, according to Freud.

4. Dream Analysis
The specific of dream interpretation in Freud's view.

5. Sexual Dreams
Are all dreams sexual? This lesson talks about the dreams
with sexual content and what they mean.

6. Symbols in Dreams
Most of the dreams' content is made of symbols. Several symbols are explained by Freud the way they appear in almost all human dreams.

7. Psychoanalysis and Dreams
Dream interpretation is the main method in approaching
the unconscious and its products.

8. Freud and Dreams Today
What is the place of Freudian dream interpretation
in the psychoanalytic world today.

9. Dreaming of Falling Teeth
The theme of the falling theeth approached through diffferent methods including the Freudian one.

10. A Dream with a Sexual Content
Example of a dream approached through Freud's method.

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